• Who can become a user of the Carlion service? To be signed up in Carlion, you must be at least 21 years old, you must have a valid driving license of category B and a driving experience of at least 2 years. You must also be the owner of a valid bank card.
  • Can foreign citizens use the service? Yes, on the same terms as the citizens of the Russian Federation.
  • Where can I download the mobile application Carlion? For Android https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.carlion For iOS https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/carlion/id1290254395
  • Where can I get acquainted with the tariffs of the service? In the section Tariffs — https://carlion.com/tariffs
  • How to join Carlion? Sign up on the site carlion.com or in the Carlion mobile application, fill in your profile and upload the necessary documents, after which you will receive an SMS about the approval of the application. Application processing usually takes no more than 2 hours, but in special cases it can take up to several days.
  • Which documents are required to join the service? To draw up an application, you need to download scanned or photocopies of your driver's license, passport and selfie with your passport, and you need to attach a bank card number to your account.
  • Where can get acquainted with the contract of adhesion? Contract and its appendices are here — https://carlion.com/documents

About Carlion

  • Does Carlion pay for city surface parking and special paid parking, closed by an parking barrier? Carlion pays the city's open surface parking. Closed parking (shopping centers, hotels, theaters) are paid separately, it is forbidden to complete a lease on them.
  • Who is responsible for car washing? Carlion self-contained cares for cars. If, during the inspection, you find that the car is dirty, please contact support, so we will quickly put it in order. Self-cleaning isn't compensable.

Car park

  • Which cars does the Carlion service provides? Hyundai Solaris, 2017, the second generation: the color is black, the volume of the engine is 1.4 l., the automatic transmission. All cars are equipped with air conditioning. The type of gasoline is AI-92.
  • Is the car equipped with a charger? Yes, cars are equipped with chargers that support most smartphones on iOS and Android platforms.
  • Is the car equipped with airbags? Yes, all cars are equipped with front airbags.


  • In which territory can I use Carlion? Within the limits of the track A107 (Small Moscow Ring Road).
  • In which territory is it possible to finish a car rental? Within the Moscow Ring Road and in additional areas. Detailed map is here — https://carlion.com/map
  • How to open the car door? You can open or close the car only through the mobile application. The key is in the ignition lock of auto
  • How I can book the car? Through the mobile application Carlion or on the site carlion.com 20 minutes of booking are free, all subsequent minutes are evaluated at the «Waiting» tariff.
  • Where are the car's documents? Documents for the car (Third Party Liability insurance and STS) are in the glove box.
  • How to refuel the car? As soon as a message appears on the screen of the on-board computer about the need to refuel the car, in the application, go to the «Refueling» section and select the nearest one. Use the navigator to get to the fuel station, remove the fuel card from the glove box, specify in the application how many liters are needed for refueling, and also the pin code of the fuel card. Start refueling yourself, give the fuel card to the cashier, informing her of the pin code.
  • Are there any restrictions about car mileage? There is no limit for per-minute tariffs. For per-day tariff the limit of mileage is 130 km. Each subsequent kilometer is estimated at an additional 7 ₽.
  • How to pay off the debt? Repay the debt by replenishing the balance of any of the cards tied to your account for the required amount.
  • Can I complete the car rent in a place where there is no cellular coverage? No, you can complete the car rent only where there is access to the mobile network.
  • How can I complete my car rental? Park on any permitted traffic rules within the Moscow Ring Road, except for private and closed parking lots. Turn off the ignition, move the gear lever to the «P» position, exit the car, and close the doors, hold the «End» button in the mobile application.