Carlion for business Carlion Car service provides car rental services for corporate clients. Cooperation under the contract, with cash-free payment by bank transfer. Try

Flexible terms of cooperation

  • Employees of your company rent service cars through a mobile application
  • At the end of each month we calculate the total cost of all trips
  • Carlion holds for your company the required number of cars
  • Fixed rent for the whole car park
  • The cars for your company use only yours employees
  • Parking, fuel, washing, service manning - is on us!

Company personal area

United control pad for services:
  1. Monitoring of travels
  2. Notifications of incidents
  3. Adding and dropping employees from the list of service users
  4. Management of transport costs of your company
  5. Detailed report for any period


  • 7.5 ₽ per minute rent
  • 2 ₽ per minute of expectation
  • 1 890 ₽ per day rent, no more than *
  • 65 000 ₽ per month rent, no more than **
* Any car is available up to 22 hours a day ** Based on the possibility of renting a car up to 22 hours a day 30 days a month

Taxi or Carlion?

  • Car sharing with Carlion is almost twice cheaper than taxi services
  • In business: who is faster, the one and ahead. With a car sharing, your employees can make trips quickly, regardless of the availability of taxi
  • With Carlion, you get information about travel of employees and more precisely plan transportation costs
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