For motion people Fast and comfortable car rental with a per-minute payment Registration

Built in navigator with a traffic jams mapping

Each car of Carlion has a navigator with a real-time traffic data
  • Information about the traffic congestion is available
  • The route building using the built-in navigator
  • It is no need to use your smartphone
  • The system saves your route history
Free parking, fuel and support manning Parking on paid parking for free
Free parking, fuel and support manning Fuel is at our expense
Free parking, fuel and support manning Don't worry about service manning, we do it by yourself

Discounts and bonuses for tidy driving

  • The more often you rent our cars, the greater the discount on rent
  • Enhance your title from «Commander» to «Don Carlion» and get a stable discount - 10% for each trip
  • Loyalty bonuses for each trip

The World of «Carlion»

Communicate with other users of the service and share your travel impressions

How does it works?

  1. Install the application on your mobile device by downloading it from App Store or Google Play
  2. Sign up and send the necessary information to activate your account
  3. Find the nearest car
  4. Book a car per minute or per day
  5. Use the car by necessary. At the end of the rental park the car in any comfortable place within parking zone
  6. Get a discount for the next trip and a new rank in our bonus program